Meet the cast of GYNX!

This is by far the most EXCITING update!

I first conceptualized GYNX in December of 2015, and sat down to write the first draft in March 2016. 20 months, 12 drafts, 1 table reading and 1 loooooong audition process later, I am THRILLED to announce that WE FINALLY HAVE OUR CAST! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!

For every creator of fiction, there comes a point in the story-building process where your characters start to feel real. You laugh with them. You cry for them. You watch them take on minds of their own and start writing their own stories.

Few creators are lucky enough to see their characters go from feeling real to being real. It’s the dream of almost every writer. And as of today, I am blessed to say that dream is coming true for my dearest creation, GYNX. My characters have officially crossed the line from feeling to being real, thanks to these lovely humans you’re about to see….

We’ve got:


Jillian Stevens as GYNX

Alex Beechko as PETIE


Jane West as AMY and TAYLOR


Maria Loraine as NATASHA


Bianca Amato as MARIE


Carl Zurhorst as PHIL and MARTIN


I am so, so grateful to these wonderful, enthusiastic humans who are getting ready to bring GYNX to life onstage. And I can’t wait for you to see them in action! ❀

This “realization” wouldn’t be happening if not for YOUR support! Thank you to everyone who’s donated and promoted this IndieGoGo campaign thus far. We have 8 days left to reach our goal. So let’s make this dream a reality!

~ Alicen

Table Reading [10-2016]

On October 8, 2016, GYNX received its first table reading. It was such a surreal experience to hear real, live people reading my words out loud. There were some moments where I felt like the actors were projections coming directly from my imagination. After spending so many months working on a script, there’s nothing more gratifying than seeing your visions manifest into physical reality.

Here’s a sneak peek at how it went down:




Oodles of gratitudeΒ to Megan Caniglia, Jillian Stevens, Talia Oliveras, Toni Salisbury, Cecilia Bonner, and Joaquin Puig for their incredible talent! Also, a huge thank-you to 3929 Studios for the space!

Naming Contest [08-2016]

I asked my lovelings to help me name the vigilante rapist-castrators in GYNX, and the results were hilarious! You can see some of the entries below:

naming contest list

The winner was MJ VALENTI, for her entry “Feminazi Five”! Her prize was a copy of SCUM Manifesto by Valerie Solanas.


mj instagram post


Thanks everyone for participating!