Meet the Feminist Playwright Who’s Castrating Rapists Off-Broadway

JM: What do you want the audience to come away with after seeing your play?

AG: Based on the responses I’ve gotten so far, it seems like people are expecting GYNX to spark a debate about the ethics and efficacy of castrating rapists. And like, sure, people can have that debate. I’m down for that. But the whole rape-revenge plotline of GYNX is actually a Trojan Horse. I’m trying to put ideas in people’s heads — plant seeds. I want everyone — men and women — to walk away from this play asking themselves: What more can I do for women?

Queens Gazette interviews Alicen Grey – Local Express

QG: What was your inspiration behind the creation of GYNX?

AG: I wrote GYNX for so many reasons. Partly to speculate – what would it take to achieve a rape-free world? Partly to stake out space for women in theater – because as we know, theater is historically male-dominated. And partly for catharsis: I had just cut contact with some fringe feminist circles I’d been part of, and on top of that I was between jobs, so I had a lot of free time to think about how I wanted to redefine myself, my politics, my career and my artwork. It was a perfect storm for creating something new and meaningful. But at the same time, writing GYNX was also a casual decision. I’m a curious person. I love trying new things, and I realized I’d never written a play before. So after all of these factors came together, I kinda shrugged and went, “I’m gonna write a dark comedy about castrating rapists. Because why not?”